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Gullet Plates for Adjustable Saddles
5 Width Options





We developed our adjustable range of saddles to provide our customers with the longest term benefit of their investment. You no longer need to purchase a new saddle with each new horse, or if your horse changes shape and can even use one saddle on more than one horse!

Our adjustable saddles have been so successful that we have made the decision to only produce saddles using this technology. To adjust the width of the saddle, the gullet plate in the pommel can be removed and replaced with one of a different size. These gullet plates are manufactured exclusively for us, specifically to fit our own adjustable saddles, the Linton Dressage and Burnsall GP saddles. Please note that gullet plates made by other manufacturers are NOT compatible with our saddles.

The gullet plates are available in 5 different sizes to accomodate virtually any horse and they can be quickly and easily replaced and fitted in your own home with the minimum of tools (a screwdriver!).



5 Width Options